Distinguished Speakers

Learn from the experts! These select speakers were invited to contribute a high level of advanced learning, experience, and excellence.

Advocacy Committee

Hans Johnson is president of Progressive Victory. His consulting practice focuses on nonprofit advocacy, governance, data use, and strategy. He has advised and assisted coalitions or campaigns in every state. He is a widely published columnist and commentator on state and federal policy. He led grassroots advocacy culminating in Californians’ passage and preservation by voters of the nation’s first statewide ban on throwaway plastic bags. In 2020, he guided the Coalition of Practicing Translators and Interpreters of California in earning major exemptions from state law for professional translators and interpreters and protecting services for vulnerable communities.


Audiovisual Division

Frederic Chaume is a professor of audiovisual translation at the Universitat Jaume I (Spain) and an honorary professor at University College London (U.K.), Universidad Ricardo Palma, and Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (Peru). He is the author of seven books and has also co-edited two books and two journal issues. He has published several articles and book chapters on audiovisual translation and given several presentations on this topic at international translation studies conferences. He has received several awards, including the Audiovisual Translation and Adaptation Association of Spain Award and the Jan Ivarsson Award for his support to media localization and university training.


Chinese Language Division

Chuanyun Bao is a faculty member and former dean of the Graduate School of Translation, Interpretation and Language Education at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. He joined the faculty in 1990 after serving at the United Nations Office in Geneva as a staff interpreter. He is a council member of the Translators Association of China and a member of the editorial board of the Chinese Translators Journal. His research interests include translation, sight translation, and interpreting.


Educators Division

Lynne Bowker is a translator educator with over 25 years of experience. A certified French to English translator with an MA in translation and a PhD in language engineering, she is a full professor in the School of Translation and Interpretation at the University of Ottawa in Canada, where she teaches courses on translation technologies and directs the Machine Translation Literacy Project. She is the co-author of several books on translation technology, including Computer-Aided Translation Technology and Machine Translation and Global Research. She contributed a chapter on translation technologies to the Routledge Handbook of Translation and Ethics.


Government Division

Christopher Mellinger is an associate professor in the Department of Languages and Culture Studies at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. His research interests include translation and interpreting in community and professional contexts, translation and interpreting technologies, language access and policy, and cognition. He is the managing editor of the journal Translation and Interpreting Studies, co-author of Quantitative Research Methods in Translation and Interpreting Studies, and co-editor of Translating Texts: An Introductory Coursebook on Translation and Text Formation.


Interpreters Division

Robert Joe Lee is a researcher in the language field whose responsibilities have included, among others, implementing and managing a comprehensive program for equal access for limited-English-proficient (LEP) individuals in the New Jersey Judiciary for 23 years. He was instrumental in creating the Consortium for State Court Interpreter Certification in 1995 and guiding its test development efforts through 2008, including coordinating the development and/or revision of tests in 20 languages. He developed standards for guiding court systems in ensuring equal access for LEPs, and is a passionate researcher, language lover, and social justice advocate.

Italian Language Division

Paolo Sigismondi is a clinical professor of communication within the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at the University of Southern California. His primary research and teaching interests focus on the phenomena of globalization forged by new technologies and economic forces and their multifaceted economic, political, social, and linguistic impact on societies around the world. He developed a research trajectory in the field of translations after translating his own book, The Digital Glocalization of Entertainment, into Italian.


Japanese Language Division

Tomoko Tamura is an associate professor of interpreting and translation studies at International Christian University. He also teaches interpreting within the Graduate School of International Culture and Communication Studies at Waseda University. She has a BA in English from Sophia University, an MA in linguistics from the University of Michigan, and an MA in legal studies from Harvard University. She has 30 years of experience in interpreter training, both at Japan’s commercial training institutes and in higher education, including the Graduate School of Global Studies at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies and Sophia University.


Law Division

Bruna Marchi is a Brazilian lawyer with a degree in conference interpreting from Fordham University, a degree in criminal law and criminal procedure law, and is pursuing a graduate degree in law from Fordham University. She is the founding partner of Descomplicando o Inglês Jurídico (with a homonymous YouTube channel), where she teaches legal English and comparative law, organizes events, and gives seminars on the subject. Currently, she is a professor of the legal English extension course at Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo and Unyleya Educacional. She also develops and teaches judges and prosecutors at the Instituto Educere.


Medical Division

Naomi Shiloh is the founder of AccentAccurate, providing accent modification training to non-native speakers of English. She is a licensed speech-language pathologist, court-screened Hebrew to English interpreter, and preferred accent modification trainer with LDS and Associates. She provides accent modification training to non-native speakers of English, coaching around English-language nuances and executive communication, and seminars and workshops to companies and organizations. She has a BS in communication disorders from Tel Aviv University and an MS in speech-language pathology from Boston University.


Science & Technology Division

Nic Jelinski is an assistant professor of soil science in the Department of Soil, Water, and Climate at the University of Minnesota. His research interests are centered around resolving problems of soil formation, enhancing access to soil information, and improving teaching and outreach for soil science in higher education and to the general public. He has worked in soils and land management around the world for state and federal agencies as well as the private sector. He has a BS and MS from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and his PhD from the University of Minnesota.


Slavic Languages Division

Anatoly Liberman was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, and emigrated to the U.S. in 1975. A professor at the University of Minnesota, he is the author of over 650 publications, 20 of them books, including three annotated translations of Mikhail Lermontov, Fyodor Tyutchev, and Evgeny Boratynsky. His areas of specialization include theoretical and historical linguistics (especially Germanic phonology and word history), medieval literature (with mythology and folklore), Shakespeare, poetic translation, and literary criticism. A Guggenheim and Fulbright fellow, he is the recipient of several national and international awards for his books. He has lectured extensively in the U.S. and Europe.


Translation Company Division

Anna N. Schlegel is vice president of product, international markets, and globalization at ProCore Technologies. Over the past 30 years, she has led globalization teams at many of the top technology companies in the Silicon Valley, including Cisco, VeriSign, VMware, Xerox, and NetApp. Her work has been published in Forbes, Fortune, Gala-Global, Multilingual, and on many other industry forums. She was named Most Impactful Woman in Technology by Analytics Insight in 2020. She was named Top Business Woman to Admire by CIO LOOK in 2021. She is the author of Truly Global: The Theory and Practice of Bringing Your Company to International Markets .

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